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April 26, 2012

Just keeping you up to date with our latest changes: 1. Using a free email account isn`t too professional, is it ? You can still contact us through, but from now on you can also contact us with any

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What is the meaning of your life ? What is the price of your life ?


  You are probably wondering what is this picture about. It`s someone coming from the darkness. You can`t see him, you just feel him angry for no apparent reason. You take two steps backwards but feel like your feet have

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The internet is amazing

The whole concept of this website is very simple: You ask a question, we answer after documenting ourselves from both the internet and physical sources. We only consider specialist and expert quotes to be viable as answers. Seems easy, doesn`t

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You gave us work and we thank you for it


We are very happy to inform you that the present week is the first one with two questions. Yes, we actually received two interesting questions that we would like to find answers to. It will take some time, we don`t

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