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May 29, 2012

Hey folks, just keeping you up to date with our latest changes: 1  This week was lite for us, we couldn`t find any provoking questions to focus on. This would normally be a bad thing, but it gave us time

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May 20, 2012

We have many great news to share about these past days: 1. We added some new topics, some answers to questions posted by you guys. One of our favourites was “How much damage can a tornado actually do?”. You can

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An interesting topic this week: F5 tornadoes and tornado damage


Yes, it`s true, we`ve been asked to answer a simple question: How much damage can a tornado actually do ? It has been a challenge, because there aren`t many articles about this topic. We found mainly pictures and statistics but

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How can I prevent a home invasion ?


We’re back with a new and very interesting article ! One of our friends was reading the articles regarding home security and asked us a very cool question. His exact words were “But how can we prevent a home invasion

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May 10.2012

OK, we are back with more news: 1. We’ve got some nice feedbacks after using adsense ads on some of our subtopics pages. We will continue to implement the ads and we will be testing the best ways to place

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How to prevent an armed robbery ?


Do you work in a high risk place ? Do you have a business that requires big cash transactions on a daily basis ? Or you just want to feel protected during work or at home ? Did you ever

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