April 26, 2012

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On 2012/04/26
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Just keeping you up to date with our latest changes:

1. Using a free email account isn`t too professional, is it ? You can still contact us through goishor@gmail.com, but from now on you can also contact us with any issues regarding our website and possible changes we can make at contact@ecoffeeonline.com and you can ask us any more questions at askus@ecoffeeonline.com .

1.1. It was one of the issues brought to us by one of our users, also the free email was getting overwhelmingly full.

2. If you have any additional information you would like to add to the current answers, you can do so, by sending the info as a *.txt file attachment to your email address or simply by copying everything in the email body. Also, please specify the sources of your information, we can`t post anything unproven. If the information is valid and you would like a linkback to your website that covers the topic, leave that in the email also, and we will give you the recognition you deserve.

3. We started thinking about adding adsense ads on our website. It`s not really for monetization, although we are not afraid of money, it`s more about finding more ways to give you answers to your problems. If we didn`t cover all the possible answers for your problem, then google will, with its google adsense ads. It`s still an issue to be discussed but it`s a heads up for you guys.

3.1. We are not thinking of monetization, we are not thinking of gaining anything yet from this project. We get more and more questions about subscription plans and membership possibilities, and our answer to you is this: This is a free informational project, we will cover all the costs as long as we are able to. So no membership will be required in the near future. Also, our financial math cleared it out that some adsense ads would help you and us at the same time, covering the costs of the webhosting and other necessary expenses.

I`m glad we had this talk,

Till next time !

Andrew P.

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