Aug 09, 2012

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On 2012/08/09
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Wow it`s been a month already ? We’re back with some great news:

1. For starters, we’ve added daily articles on many of our open topics. We’re close to 1000 articles written, so everything is going in the right direction.

1.2. Sorry for taking only a handful of new questions to answer, but as the questions are building up, it`s harder and harder to update all of them. We will take the most interesting questions and we will try to find the perfect answer in less then a week, still. It`s still our promise to you and our biggest challenge.

2. We’ve eliminated google adsense and most of the google apps for our website. We will continue to use google as the main search engine for finding new users, but we do really think that google adsense was just slowing us down by banning us any time a big number of users would join.

3. we have some great news for the people that were waiting for the reputation management services. Our website nearly done, our services are almost all of them tested and ready, and we are able to offer reputation management services in the close future. When we will be ready, we will place a button on the homepage that will lead you to our reputation management area.

4. It came to our attention that we haven`t said anything about the carity subtopic that was on our mind not long ago ! We will start to work at it today, you`ll have a hyperlink as soon as we finish it.

5. We`ve added some articles in the art section, please check them up.

I really think that this covers it up for now.

Have a great week,

eCoffeeOnline Staff Team

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