The internet is amazing

The whole concept of this website is very simple: You ask a question, we answer after documenting ourselves from both the internet and physical sources. We only consider specialist and expert quotes to be viable as answers. Seems easy, doesn`t it ? well.. it really isn`t.

Things started off easy. You asked what are the costs of a transmission change. We liked the question, these times make having a car a necessity and often a car is what stands between you and a nice job. We figured out how you can get the best price for a transmission change. And then…

You asked a second question. It made us happy, we really want to make as many users happy as possible. We started working on the second question which was about cough syrup. But wait. One of our team members asked us this: “But isn`t the transmission change price different for different types of cars ?” It then struck us that the answer is more complex than we originally thought. So we started working on the first answer and on the second one at the same time. We are professionals, we know how to do that. We updated both of our answers with every week if not by day. We still find things to add to our answers as I write this. You asked then yet another question and we`ve taken the bet to provide the best answer.

We are doing our best, we really are, and you know that we pass the home security question as being one of the most important so far. So we`re spending most of the time on finding the best answer about what is the best home security system for home. Don`t get me wrong, this isn`t a complaining post. It`s just that we need you guys to be patient. Currently 20 questions are in idle mode, waiting to be answered. So if your question ins`t among the answered ones, we want you to know that we are doing our best.

We are doing our best but reading throughout this post you`ll probably understand why a question like “What is the meaning of life?” can be very time consuming. Right ?

You know how I stated that the internet is amazing ? Well think of all the work we have to do so far. Now imagine doing research for hours scrolling through websites and often finding things like “complete this survey to…” or “You are looking for blahblah, there isn`t any post related to your search” or “Download blahblah.exe from virus-full-torrent.whatever or even laning on a unreadable article with only 1 usable phrase which is actually the question we are documenting on. That`s why the internet is just amazing. And the funny part is that a helpful website like ours has to deal with millions of websites like that all day just so it can get to the eyes of our users.

That`s why we encourage you to link to us from facebook, twitter, your own blog or whatever social accounts you have, but ONLY IF THE INFORMATION WE GAVE YOU HAS HELPED YOU IN ANY WAY.  We will add a share tab on all of our answers pages to make this easier for you.

Other than that we are waiting for more and more questions from you.We thank you for believing in us and we will deliver all the answers in the near future. That`s a promise !

Also we are looking for writers on this project so if any of you are interested please leave an email at or through the contact tab on the website.

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