June 13, 2012

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On 2012/06/13
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Hey guys, it`s been a while, right ? We’re back with the news, some very interesting things have happened since our last news thread:

1. We’ve managed to add more and more articles in the quest to answer all of your questions. the home security topic has more than 70 articles you can read of. The coughing topic is full of interesting articles too. Go take a look.

1.2. Articles are now arranged into a ecoffeeonline directory so you can find answers to your questions with ease. Our forum didn`t quite shine but it is still time. We will use the forum just to add information, not for discussion purposes if you don`t want to talk.

1.3 On a brighter note we`ve launched ecoffeeonline art, a place where art lovers can feel like home. It`s not a question of yours, not for monetization purposes, it`s just sonething we really wanted to do. It`s our present for us. We feel that there is a need for education. Please send us any feedbacks regarding the topic.

2. We will soon change the hierarchy of the website, meaning that new topics will go in directories like ecoffeeonline/new-topic rather than going in a new subforder like new-topic.ecoffeeonline. This will have no effect on your browsing or on the website speed. It will only be something noticeable in the url structure of the website. The already made subtopics will remain just the way they are.

3. We are waiting for more and more questions from you. Don`t forget: you can mail us ar askus@ecoffeeonline.com or contact@ecoffeeonline.com, add us on skype by the username clicknextnow, check us on facebook at facebook.com/ecoffeeonline, follow us on twitter @ecoffeeonline or just by using the contact form from the main website.

4. We are thinking of adding a charity section of the website. it`s still just a project inside our heads but hopefully we will start working on it soon enough.
That`s just about it for now. Don`t forget to come back, we will keep you up to date with the latest changes.

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