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OK, we are back with more news:

1. We’ve got some nice feedbacks after using adsense ads on some of our subtopics pages. We will continue to implement the ads and we will be testing the best ways to place ads so you can see them but they aren’t in the way of your best understanding of the content. (No articles will be obstructed by ads placed in the middle of them).

2. So far so good, we`ve passed the limit of 100 visitors/day, that being great news for us. Tell your friends, call your loved ones, make our website world wide known and don`t forget to ask more and more questions at

3. We are looking for experienced writers ! If you are an experienced writer, you can handle the preasure of finding the best answer in the shortest time, then you are the one we are looking for. We will pay you, not for the article, but for how many visitors you get and their feedbacks about your writings.

3.1. Leave a message at or and you have a shot on making money in the comfort of your home. Join our team and become an answer finder.

4. One of our visitors asked us why aren`t we adding products, coupons or the best prices to products that are related to the subject we are writing about. Our answer to you is this: It would be a minus to the user experience to fill our subtopic pages with lots of products. We will try to implement something but it will be on the main website, so probably something like and link it to the main subtopic pages. We believe that it will be the best way to keep the website at the same high standards.

5. We added some more subtopics, lime armed robbery and home invasion, don`t forget to check them too. Also don`t forget to share any article that you like with your tweet friends, facebook friends, messenger contacts or in any other way possible and to place a link to the website so that more and more people can enjoy the information we provide.

Other then that, have a nice day, have a nice read on our website and don`t forget to come back soon to find more and more articles.

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