May 20, 2012

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On 2012/05/20
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We have many great news to share about these past days:

1. We added some new topics, some answers to questions posted by you guys. One of our favourites was “How much damage can a tornado actually do?”. You can check them in the answers category.

1.1. We added a few more articles about the previous topics, check your favourites to see if anything new has been added.We recommend that you bookmark anything that seems interesting, the site is getting proportions with each day.

2. Very good news from google. Google starts to see in us an authority website, ranking us closer to the #1 spot for any keyword related to our articles. That`s wonderful, right ? Well it is, it seems that our work is starting to pay off and more and more people are starting to notice our presence online.

2.1. Horrible news from google adsense. As you know, we used google adsense on some of our topics, to get google to help us in the quest of finding the best answer for you guys. We got some clicks on the ads, making us dimes. It wasn`t about the money, we clearly invested more that we made but it was a good way to provide more answers to your questions if our articles weren`t what you were looking for. We will do everything to establish a new and better relationship with google adsense, but, until then, if anything is missing from the articles, contact us at and we will fix/add any information.

3. How about a forum ? How about a discussion place where you can ask any question you might have ? Great idea, isn`t it ? Well of course it is ! And we`re already working on it.You can find the forum ->>HERE<<-. We still have many things to change at our forums, but we are working hard. Make our forums known, ask your questions and DON`T FORGET TO HAVE FUN !

4. Your questions: Your questions are the engine behind this website ! Send us emails at, add posts to our forums, contact us however you want, just keep the questions rolling !

5. We’re still looking for writers, if you want to take part in this wonderful project or you just want to earn some cash, leave us an email at or Don`t forget: You must be a fluent english speaker and very good in any field. We will review any article you may want to post !

With all that said, have a nice read and don`t forget: Knowledge is POWER !


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