May 29, 2012

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On 2012/05/29
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Hey folks, just keeping you up to date with our latest changes:
1  This week was lite for us, we couldn`t find any provoking questions to focus on. This would normally be a bad thing, but it gave us time to work on some new projects we had in mind.

1.1 We finally opened our “little heaven” as we like to call it. You can find it ->>HERE<<- it will be a place for you to relax. Internet can be overwhelming, you sometime need time to take a break, relax, or just leave your children to watch while you are working. It will be made mostly with pictures and it will containt categories like “vacation pictures”, “fun pictures” and much more. It`s something we really wanted to make and we hope you will enjoy it.

1.2 We started working on a games subtopic, with the same idea of relaxation in mind. It will be full of games for you, your elderly and your children. We can`t give you a link yet, but we will, in the next news announcement.

2 We’ve had our little talk with google, as you know it`s very hard to talk with them, but somehow we did it, we will try again to add them on our website, so we can provide more answers to your question. The relaxation areas will not contain any ads, this isn`t about making money, it`s about finding useful information. If this doesn`t work out we will just find another advertiser to work with.

3 Reading and using our articles: We do work hard to compose these articles. We do want you to read them and find the answer to your questions. We don`t mind if you use our articles in written on paper assignments. But what we don`t like is when you pick an article from the website and place it on your with no linkback. We don`t really like lawyers, but we do work with some. Don`t make us use them, if you pick an article from the website, make a trackback to our website, a backlink named “I found the information HERE” or whatever, just don`t make our work seem useless.

4 On a happier note, we are hiring. We opened some slots, we will write about them on the forum. By the way, you can find the forum ->>HERE<<-.

5 Don`t forget to continue to ask questions ! Ask them by mailing us at, by adding us on skipe (clicknextnow is our username, but we will change it to something cliser to our name) or by writing them on our forum.

This is all for now, we will keep you informed of any other issues we have or fix.

Have a nice day 🙂

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