What is the meaning of your life ? What is the price of your life ?

  You are probably wondering what is this picture about. It`s someone coming from the darkness. You can`t see him, you just feel him angry for no apparent reason. You take two steps backwards but feel like your feet have stopped listening to you. He is getting closer and you can’t move. You start to panic and you can’t control your body from shaking. In that moment, as seconds pass like minutes, you take a long breath and think: What is the true meaning of life ? What is the definition of life ? Could you have done more for your loved ones ? Could you have done more to help others ? Would that even matter in any way now ? You close your eyes and the man comes so close that you can smell his breath. He then whispers to your ears: “Hey there neighbour, did you see my big red dog, named Fluffy ?”

Ok now that was a fun way to start, wasn`t it ?  Now to get to the point. You get to a stage in your life when you start to wonder about the meaning of life. That`s why we took this bet and tried to find a definition of life. To check out what we`ve come up with ->>CLICK HERE<<-.


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