September 11, 2012

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We`re back with some great news regarding this wonderful project:

1. First off, we`ve added a gazzillion articles within the existing open topics. If you think that there are some things that we missed, mail us at Check out the new articles, they are bound to answer any questions regarding the open topics.

1.1 We are still searching for writers that want to join our team. Use our contact form to find your way into our team. You won`t regret being a part of our team.

1.2 Are you a great investigator ? Are you the curious type ? Well then join our team of specialists that find answers to all of the posted questions. Use the contact form to get in touch with us and find your place into our team.

1.3 Are you an art lover ? then check out the new articles about the history of art. Or better yet, use the contact form and make us take you in the art section writers team.

1.4 A new subtopic was just launched. We received a great question about insomnia cures and started right away to search for answers. Use the sitemap to find the answers regarding the sleep disorder cures.

2. We are implementing a new global theme for our website. You can check it out by visiting the reputation management services subdomain. We would like to make the website look more compact, and not give the impression of a lot of websites glued poorly together. We are waiting for your feedback regarding the theme picked. If you`d like anything else added please tell us. We`ve tested the theme on tornado damage too and seems to work just fine. Soon you`ll see the theme get global on ecoffeeonline 🙂

3. We`ve tested chitika on the oldest subtopic we have, that being transmission fluid change. The results were not as great as we hoped for. Only a handful of users actually used the help links. So we`re thinking of removing them.

4. will be live soon. It will be our personal e-store, where we`ll sell some great house improvement items. When we`ll have some new information regarding this, we`ll open another news post.

I guest that sums it up. This project is bringing us a lot of satisfaction. Seeing some great reviews from users that came to our website for the very first time, is just great. Don`t forget to mail us with any other questions that are bigguing you.


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