About Us

We (mostly meaning me, the author, Andrew P., a guy that likes answering questions, but who is from time to time helped by a wonderful team of specialists), are here to help YOU. Everyone experienced at least once the situation in which he was trying to get answer to a bugging question, only to find 2 clicks away that he will die in 2 days or that he “won” one million dollars.

Well, we are tired of this. To counter this situation, we invented this website that answers questions. We will pick weekly one interesting question, find the best answer provided by a specialist in that field and make a full subdomain dedicated to the question. Your part in this is to find questions that don`t have an immediate answer, as finding the best asnwer can take days and building a subdomain to answer to the question can take some more hours. If there aren’t any questions to answer to, we will find one that`s bugging us, get the answer and publish it so everyone can see it.

What do we gain from this ? Financially nothing.  But you’ve got to admit that having the satisfaction of looking smart is priceless. We will place ads inside the articles from time to time, to help us pay the monthly expenses, but you have no obligation on clicking them if they don`t interest you. There wont be any montlhy/yearly/whateverly payment plan, nor an entrance fee, information is the key to evolution, we won`t take that from someone that doesn`t have money. We will probably implement a donations button on the main page, but you won`t have any obligation to donate, only do so if you want to. Ohh and another thing: Send your questions to askus@ecoffeeonline.com, use the “Contact Us” tab from the main menu or add “clicknextnow” on skype, to get in touch with us. We will contact you if your question has been chosen. Lets see how this goes, and make out of this, a fun experience !

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